We don’t like clouds, generally speaking.  Nasty, grey things, blocking the sun and raining on our picnic, always equated with cold and nasty weather.  Sometimes, though, clouds are exactly what we need. Modern air travel is a marvel – climb into a seat, watch a couple of movies, end up on the other side of […]

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On Traveling for Business

I had a small, two-minute interchange with another traveler in the hotel elevator tonight that was innocuous on the surface.  I got on the elevator, held the door and punched “4” for myself while he got on. “Where to?” I asked. “Four.”  I waggled my fingers at the already-lit button. “At least I think it’s […]

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More Thoughts on Guns

This is my second post in a row on the subject of guns in America.  Since the last one there’s been another very-public school shooting, and predictably, the same groups of people have been saying shouting the same arguments at each other, with the same, predictable result:  Nothing changes. I will say at the outset […]

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Two Factor My A$$!

Am I the only one who won’t give out my cellphone number to every website that asks for “two-factor authentication?” I mean, we’re raised from birth being told to never give out our contact information on-line.  In my case, before there was an on-line, we were told not to talk to strangers, and not give […]

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Ich bin ein großer Scheißkopf

Sometimes I feel like a really big shithead.  Usually right after I act like one.  Tonight, on my flight home for instance.  I was feeling kinda grouchy, after being away from home for two weeks, and then having another passenger act like the shriveled hag she probably is, and rub me the wrong way in […]

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I Despise My Contemporaries

I despise my contemporaries.  By and large, yes I do.  People roughly my age and roughly my station in life — middle- to upper-middle class, professional, educated — my gawd, what a stuck-up bunch of catty, petty, whiny complainers. It used to be that my level of interaction with my contemporaries was limited.  I worked […]

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