Two Factor My A$$!

Am I the only one who won’t give out my cellphone number to every website that asks for “two-factor authentication?” I mean, we’re raised from birth being told to never give out our contact information on-line.  In my case, before there was an on-line, we were told not to talk to strangers, and not give […]

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Ich bin ein großer Scheißkopf

Sometimes I feel like a really big shithead.  Usually right after I act like one.  Tonight, on my flight home for instance.  I was feeling kinda grouchy, after being away from home for two weeks, and then having another passenger act like the shriveled hag she probably is, and rub me the wrong way in […]

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I Despise My Contemporaries

I despise my contemporaries.  By and large, yes I do.  People roughly my age and roughly my station in life — middle- to upper-middle class, professional, educated — my gawd, what a stuck-up bunch of catty, petty, whiny complainers. It used to be that my level of interaction with my contemporaries was limited.  I worked […]

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20 Years of Marriage

My wife and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this weekend.  The statistics show that only about half of all marriages (more or less) last this long – more for college-educated people who make a couple of children together, less for uneducated divorcees with a couple of kids on their 2nd marriage.  Statistics really […]

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Me vs. Luxury

The subject of luxury has come up in my life recently, and doesn’t look like it’ll be going away anytime soon, really. It’s a word that’s really been abused in America.  Everything tries to be a “luxury” item – but honestly, how much of a real thing is “luxury ice cream” or “luxury Kleenex?”  Seriously, […]

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Eggs and Allergies

I’ve grown an egg allergy over the past couple of years, and it sucks.  Now, I’m pretty laid back about it, as these things go.  I’m not one of those people who strides into a restaurant and before their second foot has crossed the threshold they’re loudly proclaiming “Oh God, there’s an egg in here!  […]

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