Hello WordPress!

So this is my momentous first post to this site.  You see my Flickr pics on the right.  Not the most interesting ones, but the latest ones, I guess.  So there.

I’ve blogged before, and I’d love to keep at it, it’s supposed to be all therapeutic and stuff.  I have an existing blog at MySpace (like, I know, right?) that I’ll be moving over soon.  Why leave the warm, friendly (perv-laden) environs of MySpace?  Well, I seem to be blogging for my wife, my neighbors, my brother-in-law — all people I know, so I can’t really blog about…oh, my family, my in-laws, my neighborhood.  Self-censorship isn’t too relaxing for me, so I’m migrating, Okie-Style, to WordPress, and we’ll see if I can keep this up when I know nobody’s reading my blog.


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