Nothing, Really…

So, today was another day. There are two more minutes left in it. By the time I post this it’ll be tomorrow…of course to me it’ll be today, but not to these words. Oo, creepy.

Honestly, it’s May 28. Did the day have to start with a hard frost that appears to have killed our geraniums? I think not. It was 36 degrees this morning. Seventeen over east of Grayling. When I got out of work? Sixty-two. It’s just not right. Unless you live in Michigan like I do.

We just had a long weekend for Memorial Day. I started my long weekend by breaking a tooth. I was eating a pickle and chomped on what felt like a piece of grit, but was probably a piece of my tooth. It hurt at the time, but not afterward. I think now either the jagged edges have also broken off, or they’re starting to wear down, because it’s getting less interesting to explore with my tongue. It’s not soft, and it doesn’t hurt, so I’m assuming that I can just let it go and it’ll sort itself out.

Other than that, there wasn’t anything really interesting that happened. Lots of little stuff that I was interested in, but not a lot worth spending keyboard time on. Later


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