June Thirteenth, Friday

Working where I work is like wearing Scotch-Brite underwear.  Irritating.  Uncomfortable.  Discourages any real exertion.  The intolerance here is epic.  Salaried professionals can’t set their own schedule because the nanny-police complain to management.  Management listens to the nanny-police, rather than telling them to get back to work.  Folks who talk are reminded of “Cube Etiquette.”

“Just a friendly reminder that voices and
sounds carry in a cubicle environment, so
please try to minimize your hall and cubicle
conversations and be mindful that there may
be others around working on unrelated projects
/ issues and may not find the conversations
beneficial. Likewise please keep radio
/ audio volumes down and be mindful of
those near you when taking on the phone.
Thank you.”

Really?! This really went out in a department newsletter?  Gosh, it’s like I’m in fourth grade again!  If so, at least I’m still ahead of my son by a grade.  Geesh.

We’ve even been told not to open the door too hard when we leave the department.  Honestly.  Hitting the bar that unlatches the door is just too darn disruptive, I guess.

There’s a “break room” in our IT department.  It’s been turned into storage for our office supplies.  We aren’t allowed to take breaks…it’s frowned upon.  You can go to the “break room” and fill a cup of coffee, or maybe microwave your frozen entree…then scurry back to your desk.  We have a whiteboard in the breakroom…we’re just not allowed to write on it.  Humor is forbidden — management doesn’t want us to relax in our “break room” or anything.

In fact…my team is being managed by the lowest bidder.  There were qualified candidates who interviewed for the position.  The only thing I have heard, and it’s from two different sources, is that M— volunteered to be hired as a “Junior Manager” and not take a pay raise.  The people who were on the interview panel basically all said “Hire any of them except for M—.”  So our director hired M—.  She’s incompetent.  It’s like being managed by a Cocker Spaniel.

They got what they paid for.  They just don’t have to put up with it…I do.


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