Wed. Nez. Day.

It’s Wednesday, a day like any other day.  New camera came in the mail on Saturday, as evidenced by the new and better photos in my little Flickr list over here —>

Granted, the arrow may not line up with the Flickr widget, but you get the idea…or “you gewt teh idae.”  (major in-joke with nobody that’s reading this.  Nyah.)  New cameras are awesome, even if they’re five years old, as long as they take breathtakingly good photos, and I get to take credit for them, because superlative equipment has no mouth to say otherwise.

Otherwise, a couple of weeks ago I got an old watch at an estate sale.  There was a “cup O’watches,” and I sifted through it.  “Citizen…$100, no…Pulsar…ugly…’nother quartz watch, no thanks…hmm, this one’s mechanical.(windey-wind….*tick-tick-tick*)…hey, it works!  And it’s $5!  And it’s 30% off!”

So for $3.50, I picked up a “Gubelin Ipsomatic” mechanical watch, tagged as being from 1952.  It ran.  It looked good.  The band was stretched out.  I fished a spare watchband out of my jewelry box and put it on, and started wearing the watch.  But…I’d never heard of “Gubelin” before, so I looked it up on the internet.

Oh, Jeez, turns out that Gubelin is a high-end jeweler, who commissions watches with movements from makers like Patek Philippe and G. Audemar, and that my little $3.50 watch is possibly worth ten times that.  Agh!  Sweet!  Actually, my watch collection (such as it is) is busting at the seams now.  For Father’s Day, my family got me a sweet Bulova watch…thin, yet heavy, and moderately bling-ey but not too much.  I counted up, and including the broken Sheffield in a drawer, I have 10 watches now.  That’s awesome. Or pathetic, but I choose not to believe that.


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