Words, Words….More Words…

Well, it’s another Wednesday, coincidentally.  I’m at work.  I should be working.  I’m blogging.  Depending on who you ask, that’s either very, very good, or very, very bad.

The new camera has spurred me into taking a lot more photos lately.  I think it’s because the quality of them is so much better — it’s like I have a shot at creating some really nice pictures, whereas with the cameras I had before it was a foregone conclusion that the camera itself just wasn’t going to capture the image very well.  It was possible to get a really nice photo…just not probable. Kind of like if you meet a guy with a shaved head and swastika tattoos, it’s possible that he owns a nice, kosher deli…just not probable.

Not a lot goes on in my life.  I lead a boring life.  Most evenings are full with a)get home b)cook dinner c)eat dinner with family d)wash dishes e)settle toddlers down f)random chore (ie: garbage night, vacuuming, replacing light-bulbs, sweeping kitchen, watering plants, mowing lawn, etc)  AAaaaaand…by then it’s bedtime.  Most nights, really, I’ll climb onto the internetic sub-highway at 11pm or so, and surf when I should be sleeping.  That’s my “me-time” I guess.

Let’s see…we broke in our fire-pit on Saturday.  I built this thing at our last house.  Then we moved.  So I dug up and transported four wheelbarrow loads of rock and gravel to our new place and re-dug the pit.  Yes, I moved a hole.  We had our first real bonfire in it, though, with s’mores-roasting and the whole schlemiel.  Yes, we ate s’mores, my wife told scary stories… the kids got scared… and went inside…  And I sat out by the fire by myself until midnight waiting for it to burn down enough to go inside.  It was actually nice though.  Very quiet.  I don’t get much quiet in a house with four kids.

And there we go.  I’ve managed to get paid for half an hour of blogging.  That’s a win in my book.


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