Wow. Wha’happen?

Geez, when’s the last time I blogged?  May?  Cripes!  So much for that daily-journal-get-the-angst-out-be-happier concept, eh?

So, back to the griping.

I hate the dismissive two-finger wave drivers give while still holding onto the steering wheel.  You get it when you’re a pedestrian, mostly when a driver’s stopped at a stopsign, and you start to cross in the crosswalk, and they give you the “go ahead” wave when you’re already walking.  Like they gave me permission to exercise my right-of-way or something.

You know, while still holding the steering wheel with thumb, ring and pinky fingers, they give a quick brushing-off motion with the index and middle fingers.  Sort of “you may proceed, knave, and then begone with you.”  It’s different if I stop on the curb and see if they’re going to go…yes, very different from when they are already stopped at a stopsign and I’m in a crosswalk and…

..oh, hellsticks, it sounds all petty and whiny like this.  Nevermind.

Wait, I guess the whole dang thing can be summed up as: “I hate people.  By and large, the people around me are fuck-tards.”


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