Partisanship? Really? Now?

I feel like I need to throw up.

Our country is facing an economic crisis — disaster, recession, armageddon, collapse, whatever…spin the big wheel of doomsday phrases.  Our country is having a big problem with the economy.  Banks are failing.  When have I ever watched banks fail and be taken over by the government?

Never!  That’s when!  Never!  I have never seen our economy in this situation.  Oh, sure there was the big crash at the end of the 1980’s, but it really kind of pales in comparison to what’s going on right now.  This is big.  This is “Potter Just took over the bank” from It’s a Wonderful Life big.  Costs of mundane goods are skyrocketing, homeowners are losing homes, it’s grim out there.

And Washington is squabbling about Democrat versus Republican.

Excuse me, I just vomited a little in my mouth and swallowed it back down again.  I had to wipe some off my lip before I could continue.  What I said is right — lawmakers in Washington are quibbling like spoiled brothers and sisters over which parties demands are more important.  Democrat plans versus Republican plans; Republican checks versus Democrat balances.  Donkeys versus Elephants.

My god, our economy is melting down outside their windows, and they’re sissy-fighting over party politics!?  Does anyone in Washington pay attention to the rest of the country?  I mean really, what’s important here?  The good of the country?  The good of the citizenry?  Hello?

It sounds to me like D.C. is on fire, and I hear fiddles coming from the Capitol.


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