Fire Henry Paulsen

Fire ‘im.  Can his ass.  $350 billion (with a “b”) of my tax dollars are gone…simply gone; disappeared into the gaping maw of the banking industry.  Why?  Because Sec. Paulsen got his way, and got billions of our dollars, and got to spend it as he saw fit.  Out of $350 billion, did I see a single dime of it placed anywhere that would help me or my family?  No.  Hooray, bank CEO’s can keep their yachts and personal chef’s.

I say if you want to help America, divide the bailout money between the Americans.  Instead of the laughable “trickle-down” theory we’ve been saddled with for so long, let’s try the “trickle-UP” theory…give the money to the average guy, let him spend it, or save it, or pay bills with it, and watch the money make its way UP the chain to the large institutions.

What does Henry Paulsen say?  He’s gone on record as saying the last bailout didn’t work, because Americans didn’t go out and blow their checks on tv’s and fru-fru, but (god forbid!) spent the money on bills, necessities and paying down debt.  Henry Paulsen has said that if there is another bailout it should NOT go to the American people, because we “did it wrong” last time.

Sounds to me like the American people had more sense than our Treasury Secretary, the Federal Government, or the entire banking industry.  In the words of Ann Richardson — “Henry Paulsen…you ARE the weakest link…good bye!”


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