Em. Bee. Ay.

Yup, big changes coming down the pike.  I applied to business school.  I was ACCEPTED by said business school.  This July, I start the Weekend MBA Program at Michigan State University.  Nineteen months later, I’ll have an MBA, and hopefully a whole new job which will unlock untold riches for my family and me.

What has me at a loss, though, is wondering if getting into an MBA program — a decently good one, at least — is a bigger deal than I think it is.  I mean, getting into Harvard Business or U of Michigan is a big deal, no doubt.  I’m getting into a program that’s ranked somewhere between 37th and 50th, depending on who you ask — not top-notch, but not un-ranked like Baker College or Lawrence Institute of Technology.

So I spent a couple of months on my application — getting transcripts, resume, recommendations; writing essays; taking the GMAT exam.  Then, five days after I submitted my application, boom, I was accepted.  No interview or anything.  I had prepared for a 3-10 week wait, as cautioned by an e-mail from the program.  Nope.  Five days.

It’s burnin’ me up…is that a big deal?  My reaction was, “oh, cool!”  Then we went out to Chili’s to celebrate.  Should my reaction have been more along the lines of, “Oh. My. God.” (sit down in chair and fan face) “Honey, give me a blow-job right fucking now, because I. Am. The. Shiz-nit!”

See, I don’t know.  I’m assuming it’s good, but I don’t want to go around crowing about it, if this is actually relatively normal.  At the same time, if this kind of thing never happens, I’d like to know about it so I can be appropriately proud.

Well, regardless, I got into a decent MBA program; one with a GREAT career services department, and I should be poised to break into a good-paying management job in March of 2011, and I’m damn happy about that.


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