New Shoes

I got a new pair of shoes — sensible ones; Cordovan-colored Dockers-brand Oxfords.  They replace a pair of ratty Nike track shoes that have eaten themselves over the past year.  I am amazed at how much better I feel with a nice pair of shoes on my feet — at how much they transform my work wardrobe, at least in my own mind. (so let me have this one)  I suddenly feel less like a pc technician nerd, with my tennis shoes on, and more like a real professional.  Yeah, because of my shoes.  I think I felt this way when I started wearing a nice belt every day, too.

Heck, I think just having nice things in general makes me feel better.  I feel better about climbing out of our Volvo in the work parking lot than I did when I was driving my 1984 Ford LTD.  Our Volvo is no great shakes, either — ten years old, 177,000 miles on the clock, and lots of shaky, pulsy, floppy things going on with it…but it looks good, and I guess even an old Volvo still isn’t the same as an old Mazda.

Anyway, I’ve never been a shoe person — more of a coat person if you want the irrelevant truth — but this time, getting a new pair of shoes has made me feel better, more worthy or something.  Dang, am I becoming more normal?


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