Midnight Writer

As I sit here it is ten minutes after midnight — ten minutes into the first day of fall, 2009.  I should be going to bed, but I find myself awake after finishing my Managerial Accounting homework.  I know that I’m going to pay for this time spent blogging in about six hours when I need to be awake for another workday.

I am starting to settle into the routine of my MBA program now.  The berserk craziness of the initial one-week residency is now a warm, fuzzy, “yeah, we did it” memory.  In four days I will make the three-hour drive to Lansing for my third class weekend — I have 35 more to go.  Yes, I’m settling into the every-other-weekend class routine, with a couple of hours of homework most weeknights, and at least one day of the weekend spent studying.  I’m trying to keep one weekend day open each week to just spend time with my family.

As it stands right now, I think I have all of my “deliverables” done for class this weekend.  I have to read the abominable Strategic Management book.  It’s really bad, sprinkled liberally with nickel-words like they loaded ’em into a blunderbuss and fired it at the page.  And I have some statistics to have done by Friday…but I now have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights to work on this stuff, and whatever time on Friday in the hotel room after I arrive.

As a side effect of school, our old Volvo is being rehabbed pretty thoroughly. I’ve spent about $400 on brakes, $600 on wheels and tires, another $500 on front-end work, and tomorrow I’ll go spend another $85 or so on an alignment.  What’s that come to?  $1,585?  I guess that’s cheaper than a new car, and I fully realize that the car’s 10 years old and has 186,000 miles on it.  It is, actually, the highest-mileage car I have ever owned, and I’m counting on it to soldier on for another two years.  I think I figured out that it’ll be crossing 200,000 miles right about the time I graduate.


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