Spam Titles II

Special gift for her – your firmness — WAY better than a tennis bracelet.

Good idea for lazy ones — Get a job?

You’re a klepto, bastard — Wha?  Buh?  Me?

And neither hear the rain nor give it thanks — …and this message WAS trying to sell me Viagra!

This message sucks — YES!!  The first spam message EVER that is COMPLETELY, 100% CORRECT!!

They gave thee love who measured out thy skies — Herman 3:72

“MAKE WILD THINGS IN BEDROOM!” — I made a puma…what’d you make?

Drilling and drilling more, all night long. — Because I’m a dentist, and I’m really tired now.

I dont know if youll be able to do anything with her — But here she is anyway, good luck, call me.

Nosing along at night down some safe vat — Oh, I’m so ashamed.  My nighttime vat-nosing has been uncovered >blush<

Have a concrete thing in pants! — No thanks, already got one. (?)

Become the web-rapist — Oh no…not again!

Your 9 inch worm will amaze her — Yeah — way more than if I showed her my penis!

Do I need to go really? — well, I did drink all that Kool-Ade.

Colleagues! Non-flushing is terrorism! — At least the day after taco-day it is!

Give her your manhood! — a) But it’s attached!  –or– b) I did…it was called “marriage.”


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