Tag Experiment I

My blog (this blog) is not very heavily traveled.  That’s okay…while I’d love for thousands to hang on my every word, I really just have this here for some occasional venting where my family and co-workers aren’t going to see it.

I started this blog in May 2008, I think, and I’ve had 566 total views.  I’ve only had 59 people look at this in 2009 to date. (and it’s November)

My busiest day saw 14 people look at my blog — woo.  I’ve averaged 2 views per day in 2008, and, um, 0 per day in 2009.

So my experiment is this:

I have loaded this entry with every lewd, crude, disgusting, adult tag I can think of, and I want to see how many hits this post gets.  I apologize to my viewer, if they are offended.  If I have a viewer.  The average says I don’t.


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