I’ll Go Around You!!

Y’know something I hate?  When someone is stopped to turn left, and the car behind them almost goes around them on the shoulder.  Instead of just going around them and continuing with their day, (and letting ME go around as well) what they do is fade half onto the shoulder, and stop.

I mean…they’d fit if they went around.  Nothing bad would happen, but no, they fade right as if they’re going to go around…brakes on…and stop.  Then we all wait for the left-turner to complete their turn, and we move on.

Now personally, I just drive around.  I don’t even slow down much.  Maybe it’s scary or edgy or whatever, but I’ve been known to blow around a left-turner (given a paved shoulder, or even the dedicated go-around lane) at 60mph.  Heck, I know how wide my car is, and I know I’m not going to hit anything.  I will slow down to 45mph or so for gravel shoulders. 😉

But what do these almost-go-arounders think?  Is it something like:

“Uh-oh…you’d better complete your turn, or I’ll go around you.  See?  I’m starting to fade over!  I’ll go around you!  I will!  I’ll do it!!  I swear to God I’ll go around you!  DON’T MAKE ME DO IT!  DON’T MAKE ME GO AROUND YOU!! I’M GOING TO GO AROUND YOU I’M NOT KIDDING I’LL DO IT WATCH ME DO IT DON’T MAKE GO AROUND YOU!!  AAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Then the car turns, and the almost-go-arounder takes their foot off the brake and starts to move again.

Just makes me want to slap them.  Probably doesn’t bother anyone else.  Where’s the Tylenol?


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