Happy 2010 Everyone

I’m not sure if that’s “two thousand and ten,” or “twenty-ten,” but either way…happy new year.

And just to get it out of my system…”I’m sorry, Dave…I can’t do that.”  I know that it’s from “2001: A Space Odyssey,” but they made a sequel called “2010: Something or Other” and that’s enough of a link for me.

Speaking of…I love the bit in the newer Willy Wonka movie — the Johnny Depp one, not the Gene Wilder one — where they send the chocolate bar through the tv, and they re-enact a bit of “2001” with the bar as monolith, and ape-men dancing around it all “ook-ook” and stuff.  Good stuff.

This year, I get to buckle down to studies the whole year.  There’s a couple of weeks off in July and that’s it until the end of my program in March 2011.  I’m looking forward to it…I’m wondering what’ll be left of my family by the end of it.  I suspect the kids may eat each other.

That is all.


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