Healthcare Hell

(I commented on a Facebook status and didn’t want to lose it, so I reposted it here)

Why is this something that the rest of the world seems to be able to do, but Big Bad America can’t?

If this had happened in 1990, my mom might still be alive — instead she watched a lump in her breast grow for YEARS until she got a job with health insurance.

A. Who here would be proud to say “I let a child die because I didn’t want to pay more taxes?” Honestly, what’s more important…LIFE, or a few hundred dollars? I would sooner pay higher taxes for healthcare than I would for farm subsidies or my senator’s trip to Hawaii.

B and C. Do you ask your child what they want before doing anything? No, because they don’t know better. That’s how we Americans seem to be behaving about this — like squabbling children. Does anyone WANT to pay more taxes? No. Do people NEED health care? Yes.

Why won’t anyone just wait and see if it works before blasting their hate all over? Give it a year…if all the doom’n gloom was right, THEN start screaming — but if this new law really does do what the administration wants, isn’t that a good thing?

And there I’ve ranted for too long, in a forum that does absolutely no good because very few people actually READ, and many people just read for an opening so they can attack some more.

Hey, can I sign up for yet another “I Hat0rz Obamacare cuz hez the sux” page on Facebook? Yeah, Washington is tuned *right* in to those things, I could really make a difference.

My bet is that most people start to spout out an attack on me before reading the 4th paragraph, almost nobody got past the 5th paragraph and maybe 1% even clicked on the “read more” link up there. FML.


One thought on “Healthcare Hell

  1. I think there are more people in support of it, it’s just that it’s easier to bitch about something and tear something apart than it is to make something work. Republicans are good at being assholes. It’s a talent. Democrats can do it too, but nowhere near as effectively. They come across as whiny bitches when they complain, whereas Republicans come across as dangerous doom-spewing psychotics.

    Great choices we have for leadership!

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