Manager = Doddering Fool. Sigh.

It sucks when someone goes and proves something bad that you think about them. There’s a particular manager (not mine) in my department whom I’m fairly certain is a nice guy…but a complete, doddering fool as a manager.

Clue #1 is the constant blank, lost-sheep look in his eyes. I suppose that’s not really uncommon for managers, especially ones who’ve worked their way up to management with no formal management training. In other words, someone who is absolutely tops at coding interfaces in Unix may have no aptitude at all for employee engagement and planning meetings.

Clue #2 came last year when I was let into an e-mail chain between several managers about the budget of the project I was leading. They were debating what I should do with my remaining money — never giving me a clue, mind you, but that’s not the point — and this particular manager was not only certain that a decision had already been made, but was also a full $100,000 off regarding the initial budget my project had been granted…a number that had been shared like a parade clown shares bucket-candy.

Clue #3 was today, when I was walking through the department and this manager asked if was performing a job function for a job I haven’t held since 2006 — totally ignorant of the fact that I had been working for an entirely different team for four years.

I don’t want to think of a manager as an idiot…at the same time I know some of the other candidates that he was hired over, and I hate to see that a fool had been promoted instead of them. But such is the way of the world, I guess.


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