What A Difference A Year Makes (Not)


It has been a long time since I blogged here… since April.  I look back at the past year and… I’m still doing exactly the same things that I was last November.

  • Still attending business school
  • Still working the same job
  • Still driving the same car
  • Still spending my free time in my basement, studying

But…I think things have progressed.  Instead of 30 more drives to school, I have nine.  Instead of graduation being far-off…it’s 4-1/2 months away.  The car now has 207,000 miles on it.  My kids are a year older and a year wilder.  I’ve worn a shiny thumb-groove in the spacebar of my school laptop — no joke.

I can’t wait to graduate.  My wife wants to see me again.  I’d like to have free time again.  Hell, I’d like to have a life again.

And, because I have fun with it…some more titles from spam mail in my Gmail account…

lyr zuuy — Roger that….agent 42-alpha activated…

jruu 9jwe — Agent 42-alpha is to assassinate what?

jwht wvu — assassinate the assistant manager of the McDonald’s on Garfield St.?  Are you sure you’re with the Chinese government?

Easy to buy! We accept Visa, Codeine — Awesome!  I knew investing in codeine would pay off someday!

Make YourPenis 3-inches longer & thicker, girl will love you — Is that 3″ longer AND 3″ thicker?  So it’s like a cheese-log?  And which girl?


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