My God, It Actually Worked

So here I am.  One week from the last class in my MBA program — two weeks from walking at graduation.  And three weeks from starting my new job.

My. New. Job.

When I enrolled in business school, it was a leap of faith.  A big BIG leap of faith.  I read as much as I could about the Michigan State University WMBA program…on their website, on independent ratings and review sites, everything I could find.  The reviews and stats all said that I could expect a good job to come of it — the average pay reported by previous graduates was $89,000 per year, and they had a 90%-ish placement rate.  When attended an “information day” I asked, and they assured me that their graduates had job offers before graduation, not after.

So I leapt.  It’s been nerve-wracking, always having this little rodent in the back corner of my mind, gnawing on the doubt…the doubt that says “Sure, they say that, but really?”  The doubt that says, “hey, you’re going to graduate with not only a new MBA, but also with over $60,000 in student loans.”  The doubt that says “you know, you’re gambling a wife and four kids on this bet.”

So, I’ve been diligently following the Career Services Center’s (CSC) advice, and honing my resume and interview skills, and attending job fairs, and…nothing.  Nothing but a looming graduation date.  I’ll tell you, it looms pretty large when the stakes are high.

But now…my worries are over, because I landed a job.  Not only that, but fulfilled every one of the stats and review that I read.  I did have a job offer before I graduated.  I am getting a bodacious raise over my current salary.  I did get a signing/relocation bonus.  They were right — my degree entitles me to nothing…but makes it possible to earn everything.  My massaged resume was impressive.  My newly-kindled interview skills — and let me tell you, they were abysmal — won over the right director and VP.  My network…which I didn’t think I even had…worked.  I networked my way into my new job.

So now, just when I thought my adventure would be winding down with graduation and all…it’s only beginning.  The day after graduation, we’re packing up the car, and driving from Michigan to Florida, where I start on Wednesday.  My family gets to spend spring break down there with me, at least, then they have to head back to Michigan to finish the kids’ school year.  In June, we will finally be together, and living in Florida, which is a big BIG change from Michigan.  We trade deer for gators, trout for sharks, blizzards for tropical storms…we also trade winter for summer, pines for palms, being broke for being comfortable.

Mostly, even though life is hectic right now, trying to set up apartments and hotel stays and orientations and 50 other things…I keep thinking to myself, “my God, it actually worked.”  I keep being amazed by this, and by the hope I have for our future.

My God.  It actually worked.


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