Brought To You By The Letter “L”

I’d like to write about some “L’s.”  Namely, Laziness, and “L-Cars.”

What is up with the level of Laziness lately?  It’s a pandemic of lazy around here (Florida) and it’s driving me nuts.  Life is filled with little conveniences now, to reduce the amount of work we need to do on mundane things – cars now have power windows, steering, brakes, seats, mirrors, pedals, sliding doors, rear hatches and sunshades.  Thermostats and water sprinklers now have automatic timers to run them.  Coffee machines are fire-and-forget; faucets and hand dryers turn themselves on and off with a wave; lamps turn on with a touch to the metal; and on and on and on…the little things that have been constructed to reduce the amount of work we have to do…amazing.

And yet…people won’t even use those things.

At work, the restroom signs have a little slidey-bit that you pull out to say “in use” and slide back when done – like the airplane restrooms, only the sign doesn’t lock the door.  But it should.  It takes one finger to run the sign, but people don’t – it literally has no validity, as no matter what the sign says, the room may be open or not.  It could say “in use,” but be open…so people use the room, then don’t slide the sign shut when leaving – even though they themselves experienced the mild uncertainty of the unlocked room with the “in use” sign displayed.

The hand dryers?  How many people do you see leaving the restroom with wet hands, wiping them on their shirt or pants?  For another thing, why do we even bother putting garbage cans in public places?  People won’t walk four feet out of their way to use one – how many times have you watched someone drop their trash on the ground within arm’s reach of a garbage can?

Automatic doors for the handicapped at stores and businesses?  How many able-bodied people do you see push the button and wait for the door to open for them?  For that matter, automatic doors in general…watch an entry with two automatic doors and one or two manual-pull doors.  People will wait through gridlock to go through the auto-door before they lift a hand to open their own door.

It’s sickening.  It’s pervasive.  I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg here, and I’d better stop.

So, “L-Cars.”  There are a couple of cars – Jaguar and BMW that I can think of – that have an “L” trim level on a couple of their cars.  Jaguar has the XJ6L, and BMW has the 740iL. (or 750iL, 760iL, 7-whatever-iL)  I generally see one person in them.

The “L” stands for “Long.”  The additional length is in the back seat.  They are cars for people who get chauffeured around and want some extra legroom because they spend time riding in the back.  If you’ve purchased one of these cars to drive for yourself, all you’ve done is spend extra money to look impressive and stuff…and gotten a car that’s that little bit harder to back up and park. 

I mean, look at your car – can’t you see the abnormally stretched back doors?  This gets me, whenever I see it.  The owner had to have gone to the dealer and said “I want the most expensive car you have.”  I find that ignorant.  The salesman sold it to them…I hope they at least tried to tell their customer, “you know…all you get is a larger back seat…if you get the—“  “Nope, I don’t care!  I want the expensive one!”  Okay, job done, you aren’t preying on the rich and stupid.

But I think that most high-end car salesmen are more interested in their commission.


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