Random Thoughts. Complaints, Really

Some random observations…

We’ve been watching this tv show about zombies, “The Walking Dead.” The zombies, or “walkers,” have fogged over eyes, and wander past most things without seeing them, only really showing initiative when they sense live meat. Otherwise they stagger around uncoordinatedly. So we went to a “pumpkin festival” put on by our subdivision — for a sense of scale, our sub is more of a faux town, with about 4000 homes (or at least that many planned) that cover several square miles, with two elementary schools, a middle and a high school, as well as a cutesy shopping center. The festival was more like some kids games, and a bunch of tents from local businesses trying to get more customers by handing out candy and flyers.

Anyway, what struck me was how much my neighbors are like those walkers. They stumble along, not seeing what’s around them — almost running into my family and I numerous times — and only really focused on the things they could buy (food trucks, a lemonade stand with 40 people in line) or the free pens and drink bottles at the vendor tents. Otherwise, the physical demeanor and body language was eerily similar to a field full of zombies.

Come to think of it, it isn’t limited to the people in my community. I’ve had this thought several times while out. The mall, the school’s functions, most sidewalks…people don’t seem to act like people, they shuffle along mindlessly like zombies. What if the “zombie apocalypse” that’s so popular right now isn’t literally about brain eating zombies, but about the current population of people, acting brainless, shuffling around and consuming whatever the malls and cable tv tell them they need?

Another one…

What is it with the stupid-huge wheels on cars these days? Maybe it’s a function of living in a city, I dunno, but daily I see cars that have been lifted so huge shiny sheels can be jammed into the fenders. Impalas, Maximas, Camaros, doesn’t matter what the car is, they have been lifted high enough to destroy their center of gravity, and they must handle like crap. Also, I often seem them bouncing like they don’t have any springs in them, and I wonder just how jerry-rigged the suspension is under these things. Not to mention the sheer fragility and expense of the wheels and tires — those super low-profile tires blow out if you hit any sharp potholes, and they don’t protect the wheel, which will sumarrily crack. And at two grand per wheel and a couple hundred per tire…well, I see a lot of cars with three big wheels, and one donut spare.

Further, I wonder what the owners are thinking when I see their dented, peeling-paint, smoking heap of a car with these humongous blingy wheels on it. I usually wonder if they should have spent their money on getting the engine fixed.

And cell phones…

How god damn much do you really have to be on your cell phone? It’s a common ocurrence fo have to dodge people walking aroung while texting or playing on their smartphone…at lunch, walking the dog, at school award ceremonies, walking from the parking lot to work; people have their nose in their phone screen and are ignoring the rest of the world. I don’t personally thonk those birds are that angry that people couldn’t put their phone away when walking around other people.

Like I said, just some random thoughts. One that I have regularly simply is, “what the hell is happening to the world today?”


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