Tracks of my Life, Part 2

So at the end of Part 1 we had just moved to Indiana so my wife could attend Purdue.  It was 1996, I was 26, and we spent the next five years there.  It was a bad time for me.

Marilyn Manson

So I remember seeing Marilyn Manson in an interview, and they seemed like drugged-out losers, barely coherent and destined for an early death.  So imagine my surprise when they came on the MTV Music Awards and they rocked my face off with “The Beautiful People.”  While I lived in Indiana, my tastes in music trended more and more toward hard rock and metal — Pantera, NWO, Rob Zombie — as I got angrier at my surroundings and situation, the music I listened to got angrier.

The B-52’s…Rock Lobster

And then my son was born.  My first kid.  I was still angry, and I still listened to antisocial metal.  But before he was a year old he developed his own music tastes.  He liked the B-52’s.  I would hold him on my lap and play “Rock Lobster” and he would giggle.  My music tastes started to include the music that my son liked.  And then we moved home to Michigan.

The Wiggles

My son loved The Wiggles, though they look way different from the way they looked back then.  Four wacky Aussies who danced and sang their way through a half-hour tv show.  It was asinine.  It was corny.  It was…fun, and Gable was absolutely HOOKED on them.  We went to concerts, even.  When our second kid was born, they became hooked on the frickin’ Wiggles, too.

Theory of a Deadman

So that kind of brings me to my current taste in music.  Alternative rock is kind of my current thing.  ToaD, Stone Sour, Weezer, Seether…it’s still rock, but not as abrasive and angry as the metal I used to listen to.  I feel kind of embarrassed that I listen to the same stuff as the teens and college students, but not as embarrassed as the revolting turn things took a couple of months ago…

Blake Shelton?

Yup.  I started listening to country.  Not exclusively, but the sheer fact that I’ve listened to country…on purpose…is a 180-degree turn from everything.  I have publicly and loudly decried country as stupid and hickish.  And then there was nothing on all of the rock stations in my car’s presets, and I hit a country station.  And liked it.  Besides, my oldest girl likes country, which makes me predisposed to tolerate it for her.  But I’ve found the lyrics to be a big change from rock.  Rock is depressing, about madness and loss and death.  Country is about working hard, drinking some beers, gettin’ it on with the farmer’s daughter, then marrying her and being happy for the rest of your life.

And that’s not too shabby.


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