Impeach Everyone

So our government ended their big shutdown this week, and I guess I side with the majority of Americans who feel some combination of relief/disgust/resignation/whatever.  Like I should be ecstatic that our Federal Government quick dicking around with the country’s budget and employees, and decided they could go back to doing the barely adequate job they’ve been doing.

See, the thing is…I called this the day they decided they’d go into a shutdown over Obamacare, to force the issue.  I knew – KNEW – they’d wait until the dramatic last minute, then do the bare minimum to keep the country functioning and avoid all the default/bankruptcy/apocalypse that the press has been screaming about.

They did this the last time the debt ceiling needed raised.  They did it this time.  “Minutes before the midnight deadline…” belched the headlines.  Well, of course. Why do it before dinner when you can create some drama and do it at 11:55 p.m.?  And the press, predictably, creamed their collective pants at the opportunity to muck-rake, scare the populace, and run a thousand polls about blame.

John Boehner.  There’s a name that’s been vilified lately.  I’m not going to say I like the guy, but I actually feel kinda bad for him on this one.  He seems to be a more moderate voice in this situation – I know he wants Obamacare gone, but I think I saw that he disagreed with the crackpot extremists that insisted on forcing the issue.  And his face has been the face of the Republican party that’s taking (and rightfully so, IMHO) the heat for this situation.

Then there’s the Tea Party.  They could write a book:  “The Idiot’s Guide to Destroying Your Credibility.”  This has seriously driven them into lunatic fringe territory.  The “party” that shut down the government.  On the one hand, I think they should be removed from office.  On the other hand, I hope the Tea Party actually and formally splits from the Republican Party – because right now they’re just a movement but still Republicans – and starts their own party.  They would draw votes (mostly extreme right) from the Republican candidates during elections…just like the Libertarian and Green parties draw votes (mostly extreme left) from the Democrats.  Elections might become more even again.  Strangely, I have to agree with something the Tea Party stands – well, used to stand – for:

Remove the Incumbents.

I remember that being the Tea Party’s initial platform.  They thought our government was out of touch and not representing the people, and that ALL incumbents should be voted out, so that new people who truly represented their constituents could be voted in.

I still agree with that, even if the Tea Party has gone gibbering off into banana-land.  Our government’s broken.  Our representatives don’t represent us.  Only 10% of America approves of Congress.  It’s time to change things.  Impeach everyone.  Fire everyone.  Don’t listen to the protests of “but I chair an important committee!”  If ALL long-term Senators and Representatives are out on their ear, then NOBODY will have more pull on committees.

There is no change unless we make a change.  Be the change.  Vote out your incumbents.  They deserve to be fired.


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