Nothing of Consequence

Today’s blog entry is nothing of consequence; no political positions; no philosophies on life or behavior.  Just random stuff going on right now or recently.

First, my car.  I drive a 19-year-old Thunderbird.  For better or worse, that’s my car.  It’s kind of a POS, but it gets me to work and back, and I like it — I liked ’em when they were new and I couldn’t afford one, I kind of like them now.  Redneck stigma and everything.  So it was running really crappy…stumbling and missing, and the throttle response of an asthmatic push-mower.  So I cleaned a sensor on it and it drives like a new car — peppy throttle, actual power, and better gas mileage.  I’m stoked. It had also been dragging a flappy rubber thing under the front end, and I ripped that off this evening.  So awesome.

Work next.  I just had one of the best, if not THE best, annual reviews of my career.  People apparently like to work with me, and I’m a “go to” person for a couple of things.  And I got a nice raise.  I think I’m going to be able to get a promotion in the coming year.  My work is in a heretofore unknown great place.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had a combination like this — I’m good at my job…I like what I do…and my manager likes me.

Easter is tomorrow.  Today we went to an Easter egg hunt in Plant City — a rural Florida town.  We were some of the most affluent people there, which is saying something.  It was a trailer-boob-fest.   But, we got some free hot dogs for the kids, and balloon animals, and a bunch of fire ant bites on our feet and ankles…after which we left and had burritos.  Tonight we’ll color eggs.  Tomorrow we have some of my wife’s friends/coworkers over for ham dinner.  Interesting — Easter is a traditionally anti-Jewish meal…ham.  Go figure.

My son…my son is going to high school next year.  Holy crap, I’m that old.  Also, he was accepted to a collegiate academy.  When he graduates from high school, he’ll also have an associate’s degree from the local community college.  Well, if he graduates from this high school.  We’re planning to move away in two years, but he’ll definitely have college credit under his belt.  I’m actually super-proud of him for getting into this — only 120 kids in the county were accepted, and he was one of them.  His grades aren’t stellar, so something else about him got him accepted.  That, or only 120 kids in the county have grades over a 3.0, which I find hard to believe.

Hm. Dinner’s about ready.  Gotta go.  Bye.


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