It’s Starting


It’s starting — summer in Florida, that is.  Check out that graph…that’s the Nat’l Weather Service’s graph of forecasted temperature and humidity for the next two days.  See that top line, the brown one?  That’s heat index, and it’s above 90 degrees.  It has been for the past several days as well.  It’s the last week of April, and it’s starting to get unpleasant outside.

The current saving grace is that green line; the humidity.  As the temps rise throughout the day, the humidity is dropping.  That won’t happen in another month — the humidity will peg itself near 100%, and stay there until October.  It’s still pleasant in the morning.

This evening’s drive home was mildly unpleasant.  I was glad to have a breeze that was kind of cool, it made the 90-degree temperature more bearable in my car without working air-conditioning.

I’ve been enjoying the weather since last October.  That’s seven months ago — it doesn’t seem like it, but it was.  We had a good run…but the unpleasant weather is starting.


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