Strip Clubs — The Great Uniter?

I live in the Tampa suburbs, and I work in downtown Tampa.  On my commute, I pass by about a dozen strip clubs.  Gentlemen’s clubs, exotic danceries, whatever you want to call ‘em.

Tampa – most of Florida, actually – is a pretty darn conservative-Republican place.  I started to wonder how strip clubs could be allowed to exist, given the conservative right’s heavy emphasis on “Good, Christian values.”  You know: marriage, family, church, blowjobs outlawed in the bedroom, Pat Robertson, the 700 Club, “praying the gay away,” that sort of thing.

Then I realized that if it were somewhere that was pretty darn liberal-Democrat, there would still be opposition to strip clubs based on the liberal left’s heavy emphasis on women’s rights, freedom from harassment, etc.  You know:  “those places objectify women into pieces of meat,” “no woman should demean herself in that way,” and that sort of thing.

And yet, strip clubs still exist.  Everywhere.

I picture a Limbaugh-listener and an NPR-follower elbow-to-elbow at the edge of the stage, shrugging and saying, “yeah, all of that stuff…but basically we just really like titties.”


One thought on “Strip Clubs — The Great Uniter?

  1. i have seen well dressed, cranky faced old white guys and thugged out young black dudes unite at the strip club. im pretty sure thats the only place THAT happens

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