Musings On The Season

And so it’s fall in Florida again. October…feels like a Michigan July. It always carries an element of surreality, the “changing” of the “seasons” such as they are in the nation’s hang-down.

We had cool teperatures this weekend — lows of 57, and a high in the 70’s. It saw people opening their windows and emerging from their houses — kind of like spring in the North, when people can leave their shut-in refuges from the cold. Instead, in Florida it’s the end of the miserable, hot, humid summer that brings people back outside.

Yet at the same time, my friends in Michigan are talking about it being cold outside, and posting pictures of them wearing coats. In a couple of months I’m going to be reveling in wonderfully pleasant weather, and wondering how the news could be talking about blizzards. Surreal.

We have this winter, and next winter in Florida. Two pleasant seasons. We have one more summer to suffer through, in between. I signed a two year commitment to my employer in February this year, and it will be up in February 2016. I’ve already completed seven months of it.

Two winters and one summer. Then I can get another job, somewhere else. A final spring here, and maybe we can move away before we suffer another Godawful Florida summer.


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