Simple. Dork. Me.

I am apparently a man with simple interests.  Or at least, I find mundane things interesting and fulfilling.

This weekend I found a pair of genuine snakeskin shoes at the thrift shop.  They fit, they were cheap, so I’m wearing ‘em at to work.  And I get a little kick as my brain keeps replaying the George Thorogood line, “snakeskin shoes baby, put ‘em on your feet.  Got the goodtime music and the Bo Diddley beat.”

Not only that, I checked the tire pressures on my car and found they were all low – 22 – 24 psi – so I went to the 7-11 and pumped ‘em up.  I’m mildly impressed at how the car is less wallow-y and hoping I see a MPG or two better gas mileage.

I also searched Google for my old car’s VIN, and I found a cached ad from the dealership that I traded it into.  That old T-Bird was worth about $1000.  They gave me $1500.  They had it for sale for $4300.  Crazy.

I found a new neoprene sleeve for my iPad.  It was issued to me by my employer with one, and in the past three years it’s gotten beat up and ripped.  So finding an unripped new one is tickling my dork bone.  If that’s an acceptable phrase.

Not only that, but I cut a coaster from the old sleeve.  I replaced the skanky napkin I’ve been using for a coaster, and I’m stoked about that, too.

Yup.  I’m super-interesting, tell you what.  Then again, I’m not the one reading about it in a blog.


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