The Best Cookie Ever: S’mor-Si-Do.

I have come up with an advancement in Cookie Science.  The best Girl Scout Cookie — nay, possibly the best Cookie…ever.  The S’Mor-Si Do, for lack of a better name.  I’m going to think that being a tad lazy on a slow Friday at work is actually GOOD.  Good for the human race, that is.

These are the players — Girl Scout Do-si-Do cookies, and Hershey Miniatures.



I’m not the first person to put chocolate and peanut butter together.  Heck, I have it on good authority that these two things are two great tastes…that taste great together.

So, I took one of each:


I cleft the cookie in twain, and engaged these two in Holy Matrimony:



When I completed their union, the lights dimmed in the office…hence the dark photo:



And the first test flight — let’s take a moment to thank all those daring test pilots, for pushing the envelope…for courting disaster…for putting their palate on the line in the name of Cookie Advancement:


It truly did turn out better than expected.  I thought the chocolate would overpower everything, but there’s enough cookie there to balance out and make it a very tasty treat.

And then I told a co-worker.  Make that…a blonde, female, dessert-loving co-worker.  And >BAM!< she took it to the next level!  Enter…Mr. Microwave:



And the next logical evolution of the cookie….the melted, S’Mores-like chocolate, peanut-butter hot cookie:


It’s possible that there is nothing better than this.  You can close your web browser now.


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