Today I…

Today is Florida’s primary election.

Today, I voted.

I’m white, and live in a conservative Florida suburb, but…

Today I didn’t shoot anyone with my guns.

Today I didn’t bash any homosexuals.

Today I treated black people the same way I treat all people.

Today I didn’t push my views of marriage on anyone.

Today I didn’t praise Jesus for commonplace events like good parking spots or light traffic.

Today I didn’t punch anyone for their political views.  Or at all, for that matter.

Today I didn’t scream hatred at anyone.

Today I didn’t vote for a bigoted, ignorant, loud-mouthed blowhard with bad hair.

In fact, I’m a Democrat.  So…

Today I didn’t advocate abortions.  Instead I made sandwiches for my four kids.

Today I didn’t attend any conservative rallies while carrying pictures of Chairman Mao.  (I understand that if I did,  I wouldn’t make it with anyone, anyhow.)

Today I didn’t make hacking noises when someone smoked near me.

Today I didn’t lecture anyone while they were filling up their SUV.

Today I didn’t correct anyone when they weren’t “PC.”

Today I didn’t eat vegan.

Today I didn’t collect welfare.

Today I didn’t go to a Starbuck’s.

In general…

Today I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody.

Today I waited patiently for traffic at intersections when necessary.

Today I made sure my kids had decent food in their bellies and clothes on their backs.

Today I worked at a full-time, 9-5 job.

Today I took a shower and put on decent clothes so others wouldn’t have to smell me or be offended by my appearance.

Today I took part in the privileges and traditions granted to me by my forefathers and protected FOR me by my countrymen’s blood.

Today I have to shake my head at what a mockery today’s elections are making of that privilege and tradition.


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