Two Resignations

Today I did something that I rarely have to do:  Write my resignation letter.  I’ve been with my employer for five years, and spent 10 years at my previous employer.  So (simple math on fingers…Common Core says “estimate to prove”) I’ve only written two of these things in the past 15 years.

In a strange coincidence, I found my resignation letter from my last job about two weeks ago when cleaning out a dresser drawer.  It strikes me that the two letters are polar opposites.  Matter of fact, so are the situations, the jobs and the employers.  The letter I found simply said:

“I hereby resign from Blah-Blah effective March Something, 2011.”  I’m paraphrasing, but yes it was that short.  The “screw all of you, I hope you $%#& choke to death” was left unsaid, but was implied.

In contrast, today’s letter was gracious, friendly and thanked all involved for helping me reach this next step of my career.  My time with this employer hasn’t all been grand — my first two years here were actually pretty terrible — but the majority of the time has been supportive, engaging and positive.

At my previous employer, I had a manager blatantly lie to my face as a matter of course.  Here, I have had a manager who delivered on every promise she ever made to me.

At my previous employer, I was purposely kept from advancing by vindictive leadership and poor policies.  Here, I have been rewarded for hard work and expertise.

I gave my previous employer two weeks’ notice.  My manager said “we require four weeks.”  My reply:  “Well, you’re not going to get it.”  I volunteered four weeks’ notice from my current job, and am going to spend it transferring as much knowledge as I can to my team-mates.

I am going to be sad to leave my job, my team and my employer.  I have truly been lucky for the past few years with all three, and if my family and I did not want to leave Florida, badly, I would keep this job.  I wish my co-workers well, and hope my departure doesn’t impact my team too harshly.   However, I seem to have found an employer and a team that is much like the team I’m currently on…only BETTER.  The same but more, I guess.  I am really excited to join my new team, as it promises to be amazing, and provide me phenomenal amounts of learning and experience AS WELL AS give my family and I the chance to move back north where our hearts really never moved away.

A month from now, I’ll be on an airliner to somewhere to start my first day as an Epic consultant.


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