So…There Was An Election

So, there was an election a week ago.  I voted in it, I watched the results.  A man won the election without winning the popular vote.  And it doesn’t seem like more than six people in our nation of over 300 million are willing to have a rational conversation about it.  Some folks seem to have the veneer of civility, but only when they talk.  As soon as someone else offers an opinion the gloves come off and the nastiness starts.

And yet…I still feel the need to say something about it, knowing full well that the only comments I’ll get are likely to be nasty, possibly vulgar.

As I said, I voted.  I did not vote for our president-elect.  From almost the first day of his campaign, I have been convinced that he’s simply not fit to lead our nation.  He’s bankrupted his own businesses – what will he do with the country?  He’s campaigned on a platform of racism, sexism, hate-speech, homophobia and violence.  And before anyone says I’m wrong…how is calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers not racism?  How is “Grab ’em by the pussy” not sexism?  How is “get ‘im outta here,” and wishing he could punch a protester in the face not inciting hatred and violence?  He’s never said HOW he will fix or accomplish anything.  His answer…over and over…is nothing more than “we’re going to look at that…we’re going to look at a lot of things.”  He is endorsed by the KKK and by the leaders of countries we’ve spent years denouncing.  He’s a loud-mouthed, inflammatory buffoon…not a viable world leader.  A simple desire for change does not mean that any change is good…one does not eat a turd simply because they’re tired of drinking urine.

Let’s play the old Sesame Street game…which one of these is not like the other:  Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, Donald Trump.

All of that being said…I did not vote for Hillary Clinton, either.  She also is unfit to run our nation.  By all accounts, she is a horrible human being.  She’s reportedly treated people like garbage consistently for decades.  There are more accounts of her telling off her security detail than can be simply dismissed.  I’m not going to talk about e-mail servers specifically, because that’s a quagmire, but I will say that she has had far more than her share of scandals, allegations and investigations following her throughout her public life.  The left is quick to point out that she has always been found not-guilty.  I find that truly innocent people do not have investigations in their past, and no need to point out multiple verdicts.  Just having that many reasons to investigate her speaks volumes to me.  I find her to be dishonest, and worried that she would bring scandal and shame to the White House if elected.

Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, Hillary Clinton, Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy…which one of these is not like the other?

Yes, I voted for a 3rd party candidate.  I did so knowing full well that they would not win.  I refute the claims that a vote for a 3rd party was a vote for Trump…the Libertarian candidate had equal appeal to both parties, alike.  I voted 3rd party because I simply could not, in any sort of good conscience, cast my vote for either of the two major choices offered to me in this election…and I couldn’t, in good conscience, NOT vote in this election.  A refusal to vote isn’t a protest vote…it’s nothing more than a decision to leave our country’s fate in the hands of others.  I voted for the leading 3rd party candidate in the hope that he would be able to score at least one electoral vote somewhere; in the hope that he would garner enough votes to register as an effective voice of protest.  He didn’t, and it was a slim hope at best.  But, my conscience is clear, and I get the right to complain about everything and everything that our new leader does wrong.

So what the country is left with is a president-elect that has zero experience holding any kind of public office, who has a history of bankruptcies, and who has made horrifying campaign claims and pledges.  We’re left with a populace very, VERY divided over this election.  We’re left with one group of people actually protesting the election of our next president – blocking expressways and picketing his home.  And we’re left with another group of people – people who have spent the last 8 years protesting everything our outgoing President has done – urging the first group to “just get over it and accept the new president,” which is exactly what they did NOT do when the tables were turned.

And spewing from the mouths and keyboards of everyone involved is a stream of hatred, divisiveness, name-calling, nastiness and vulgarity.  It doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and it’s been a week since the election…In fact, it may actually be getting worse.  It’s hard to watch, read and listen to.  People I thought were reasonable have joined into the argument.  People I thought were not-so-reasonable to start with have lost their entire mind.

The constant shouting about “the liberals,” “the conservatives,” “libtards,” “Repugs,” “deplorables,” “the REAL America,” “them,” “they,” “those people,” and on and on…it makes me hurt.  In my soul and in my heart it makes me hurt to hear how much people seem to WANT to be divided, and have an enemy to throw their hate at.  Except they’re not focused on an enemy, they’re focused on their neighbor, their co-worker, their relatives, their friends.

People have forgotten that we are not that different.  Republican and Democrat, Conservative and Liberal are two slightly different shades of the same color of government – American Democracy.  Our form of government in its entirety from red, right-wing, conservative Republicans to blue, left-wing liberal Democrats is only one little spot on the spectrum of government that runs from total anarchy in one corner, all the way to totalitarian dictatorships in the other.  Our differences really aren’t that different, compared to people who believe that a king has a direct line to heaven and the God-given right to rule over lesser people without mercy.

It’s got to stop.  We’ve got to stop saying things to each other that we wouldn’t want our mothers to hear.  We are one people, and we are now all going to be affected by a president that, I suspect, has absolutely no idea how to run a country.  We’re all on this ship together, and right now the ship is sideways to the massive wave that’s bearing down on us.  We need to work together and right our ship, or we’re going to be swept into the ocean together.


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