I’m a Healthcare IT consultant; an MBA grad; a husband; a father of four; a lapsed motorcyclist; a motor-head; a slow-as-heck runner; an obsessive-compulsive freak…and I live in a little town in Michigan.

I like:

  • Drinking.  A nice craft-brewed ale.  A tasty bourbon.  Trying a new mixed drink from my slowly-growing bar…Mad-Men-style.  A good Riesling or Malbec.  Drinking…not partying, getting drunk and ralfing.
  • Eating.  Burgers from Five Guys.  Steak from the grill.  BBQ ribs from a local shack.  Thanksgiving dinner.  Food is awesome.
  • Motorized things.  Cars, motorcycles, airplanes.  I care what car I drive more than I should.  It grinds on me that I’ve been 1,400 miles away from my old Yamaha motorcycle for the last five years.
  • Travel.  I travel every week for work…and I’m still glued to the window for every takeoff and landing.
  • Fixing things.  I’m a systems analyst in a mechanic’s body.  Or something like that.  I love fixing up the house, working on the car, restoring a bicycle, refinishing a furniture, that kind of thing.

I don’t like:

  • Florida.  Or at least living in Florida.  I’m sure it’s great for a vacation.
  • New Yorkers.  Not all people from New York, but New Yorkers.  Gawd.
  • Living in a suburb.
  • City traffic.  Shoot me.  Or better yet, shoot THEM.  Please.
  • Celebrities, E! Network, TMZ, that whole ilk.  I mean, really, who the f$%# REALLY cares about what Caitlyn said to Britney about Leonardo and Gwyneth?  I don’t.
  • In general:  rudeness, negativity, lying, cheating, injustice, dishonor and ugliness of character.

So I hope you enjoy my blog…the whining, the complaining, the bitching’n moaning, the judgmental stuff, and hopefully you find at least SOMETHING in here a little bit funny.



5 thoughts on “About

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