So…There Was An Election

So, there was an election a week ago.  I voted in it, I watched the results.  A man won the election without winning the popular vote.  And it doesn’t seem like more than six people in our nation of over 300 million are willing to have a rational conversation about it.  Some folks seem to […]

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Leaving…On A Jet Plane

I have been an Epic consultant for a month now, and so far it seems to have been the right choice.  I work for an amazingly great firm, and I work with amazingly great people.  We’ve had a couple of family hiccups but nothing really major, with me being gone 4 days a week.  I’m […]

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I’m The Guy Who Gets The Job

If you read my previous post, you know that I’m changing jobs — offer signed, notice given, starting in a month.  And it brought up yet another contrast from my younger days. Now…I’m the guy who gets the job. This is a big realization for me, and possibly for anyone who entered the job market […]

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Two Resignations

Today I did something that I rarely have to do:  Write my resignation letter.  I’ve been with my employer for five years, and spent 10 years at my previous employer.  So (simple math on fingers…Common Core says “estimate to prove”) I’ve only written two of these things in the past 15 years. In a strange […]

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Going Out to Dinner

I think I’m about to get a table at a restaurant at which I’ve wanted to eat dinner for a long time.  It’s a really (REALLY) exclusive restaurant, and from what I’ve read, their entire staff is beyond top-notch, their food is best-in-class, and you’re basically guaranteed an awesomely excellent dinner that will make you […]

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This is Parenting

So, it’s mid-morning…breakfast is over, and it’s not lunchtime yet. You’re hungry, and there are three leftover hotdogs in the fridge. You start to microwave one and one kid yells “whatcha making I want one!” from her bedroom. Your spouse yells “you can’t just make YOURSELF a snack” from the living room. So then YOU […]

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