Two Resignations

Today I did something that I rarely have to do:  Write my resignation letter.  I’ve been with my employer for five years, and spent 10 years at my previous employer.  So (simple math on fingers…Common Core says “estimate to prove”) I’ve only written two of these things in the past 15 years. In a strange […]

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Going Out to Dinner

I think I’m about to get a table at a restaurant at which I’ve wanted to eat dinner for a long time.  It’s a really (REALLY) exclusive restaurant, and from what I’ve read, their entire staff is beyond top-notch, their food is best-in-class, and you’re basically guaranteed an awesomely excellent dinner that will make you […]

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This is Parenting

So, it’s mid-morning…breakfast is over, and it’s not lunchtime yet. You’re hungry, and there are three leftover hotdogs in the fridge. You start to microwave one and one kid yells “whatcha making I want one!” from her bedroom. Your spouse yells “you can’t just make YOURSELF a snack” from the living room. So then YOU […]

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An Exceptional Man?

I don’t consider myself to be an exceptional man.  Really, I don’t.  I’m a middle-aged, middle-class wage slave and suburban dad.  I feel that if I can do something, anything really, it must not be THAT hard to do, and that anyone could do it. Except…the more I see of other people – my contemporaries […]

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Frou-Frou in Advertising

I rarely watch live television anymore.  Most of what I watch is on one of the streaming services, and I binge-watch the crap outta things.  That being said, I have two weeks while my family is on vacation, and I’ve had the tv on…and I’m totally not used to watching commercials. More to the point…after […]

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