Winter in Florida

It’s December in Florida, and I’ve been thinking about the weather more than usual.  I’m from Michigan, and I’ve been watching the weather back home.  The tv station up there has live, streaming weather cameras in a half-dozen towns, and they’ve been making me realize I miss home more than I thought I did. Winter […]

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Be Uncomfortable

After several decades of observing my fellow Americans, I would like to urge them to do something that from appearances seems to be a horrible, heinous, torturous thing: Be uncomfortable. I don’t mean that we should all put stones in our shoes, and wear 3-piece suits or full Victorian corsets and hoop-skirts.   Americans in general, […]

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Suck my Work…

…or something like that.  Today was an exercise in the sucktastic; the sucktacular.  Yesterday our team leader sent us an email — mostly he was the mouthpiece of our manager, our menopausal, bi-polar, cocker spaniel of a manager.  The gist of the mail was that “others” in the department had noticed none of us there […]

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