I Like Drinking

Today, I stopped by the little liquor store around the corner from my house to pick up a couple of things.  As I was leaving I marveled at all the different ways that exist to do the same thing – get drunk.  Thinking about it further, I marveled at the fact that intoxication can support […]

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Be Uncomfortable

After several decades of observing my fellow Americans, I would like to urge them to do something that from appearances seems to be a horrible, heinous, torturous thing: Be uncomfortable. I don’t mean that we should all put stones in our shoes, and wear 3-piece suits or full Victorian corsets and hoop-skirts.   Americans in general, […]

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It Starts Today

Well, today was the big day.  January 20, Inauguration Day.  The Big O got sworn in — my guy — Barack Obama. Today, I know that most of my Republican co-workers are going to have a radical paradign shift…now, whenever anything bad comes from Washington, it’ll be because of Obama, and whenever anything good happens, […]

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