The Jaguar in the Driveway

When I was a kid, my parents bought a Jaguar.  To the best of my recollection it looked like the MkII sedan in the big picture above.  Well, except it was dark blue.  And to be honest, its condition was more like this one: In any case, my dad drove it home, and I remember […]

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Automotive Life Upheaval

I replaced my car again. For a “car guy” like me, that’s a major life upheaval. It seems like I just did this yesterday, but it was actually March 2012 that I pulled an old-not-classic-but-rather-just-used green Thunderbird into my driveway, and was insanely stoked to have it. Well, it wasn’t yesterday, but it was last […]

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MySpace, March 15 – 27, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008 Favorite Movie Quotes Current mood: pleased Okay, so that last blog was pretty grim and dismal. And preachy, and self-pitying. And…nevermind, point made. So today: favorite movie quotes! At random, for no reason, just individual lines that I like for some reason or another. Maybe they’re applicable in real life. Maybe […]

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