Truth in Advertising

There was a movie with Dudley Moore, Crazy People, wherein Dudley, an ad executive, went “crazy” and started pitching ad slogans that were hilariously accurate.  Like: “Volvo.  Boxy, but good.” Well, I don’t think that’s so crazy.  In fact, I have a few of my own…particularly about cars, because I’m a “car guy” and I […]

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The 40’s

I was just thinking that my blog is rather haphazardly constructed.  I post at random intervals…usually long ones.  I kinda admire the folks that have something to say every single day.  Because I don’t.  My life is boring.  I’m out of my super-interesting 20’s, college years, and youngness. I’m in my 40’s.  Yeah, and I can […]

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Just A Little Bit More

I bought my car almost a year ago, and I’m happy as a clam with it.  Still, it was my second choice, and that’s actually a good thing, because I realize I did something that almost every other American right now does not do. You see, when it became clear that I needed to replace […]

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Loud Cars and Cities

I’m an admitted “car guy.”  I appreciate bodywork by Bertone and Pininfarina and Fisher Body.  I like the feeling of a manual shifter socketing into a fresh gear.  And I love the sound that comes from a well-tuned motor, through throaty exhaust pipes. So it totally blows that the only cars here in Tampa that […]

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Random Thoughts. Complaints, Really

Some random observations… We’ve been watching this tv show about zombies, “The Walking Dead.” The zombies, or “walkers,” have fogged over eyes, and wander past most things without seeing them, only really showing initiative when they sense live meat. Otherwise they stagger around uncoordinatedly. So we went to a “pumpkin festival” put on by our […]

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