Starbucks Has Red Cups?

I’ve read all of the web fury over Starbucks’ red holiday cup, and it’s truly made me stop and say… …”Wait…Starbucks offers different colored cups at Christmas?” I don’t go to Starbucks.  I mean, I have gone to Starbucks before…I’ve physically been in one, and I think I’ve actually bought a cup of coffee in one. […]

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Oh God…It’s Christmas Again

Oh God…it’s Christmas again.  It seems like yesterday it was September, and now there’s suddenly bright-colored lights on people’s houses, and the annual repulsive Lexus-with-a-red-bow advertisements on TV.  It doesn’t help that in Florida, December looks like September. (looks like February looks like April…) Once again, folks are mercenary and un-festive.  Hasn’t changed from two […]

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Not So Merry Christmas

Christmas is bearing down on me again, like a dump truck headed for a wide-eyed rabbit.  This will be my second Christmas in Florida, and once again the sight of poinsettias growing outdoors in flowerbeds is freaking me out.  In the North, I always wondered why they were the Christmas flower, as they are utterly, […]

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