Nothing of Consequence

Today’s blog entry is nothing of consequence; no political positions; no philosophies on life or behavior.  Just random stuff going on right now or recently. First, my car.  I drive a 19-year-old Thunderbird.  For better or worse, that’s my car.  It’s kind of a POS, but it gets me to work and back, and I […]

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Admitted Student

I’m excited. I just attended the “Admitted Students Dinner” for my Weekend MBA program, and it has put a real and sudden feeling of reality into what I’m doing.  Up until now, I’ve been doing everything via the web and e-mail — my application, acceptance letter, financial aid preparations…everything has been cyber-this and virtual that. […]

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What a Difference…

…a year makes.  Here I am, just freshly turned 39 — yesterday, in fact. A year ago, when I had just turned 38…I went on vacation and suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning that put me in a Virginia hospital.  The effects lasted for a month afterward. My marriage was severely on the rocks.  We hit […]

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