Wow. Wha’happen?

Geez, when’s the last time I blogged?  May?  Cripes!  So much for that daily-journal-get-the-angst-out-be-happier concept, eh? So, back to the griping. I hate the dismissive two-finger wave drivers give while still holding onto the steering wheel.  You get it when you’re a pedestrian, mostly when a driver’s stopped at a stopsign, and you start to […]

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MySpace, Feb 11 – 21, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008 Etiquette!! Current mood: annoyed It seems like people don’t have a fudging clue how to be polite anymore. Screw polite, I’d be happy with courteous. I’d even settle for “not clueless” in a pinch. Maybe I just live, drive and work among a bunch of flippin’ hogs. Maybe people need some […]

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