Five Levels of Poop

Poop.  It comes out of all of us.  Kardashians poop. Trump poops — lately from his mouth as well.  People still hesitate to talk about it, though.  It’s kind of a taboo subject in polite company, even though it’s something everybody has in common. More recently, we ate some pizza over the 4th of July that […]

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MySpace, Jan 1 – 4, 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008 I like watches First, yeah, my butt’s feeling much better now. Thought I’d share. Whatever that was lasted about 24 hours. I no longer feel like I have a belly full of hate and nastiness. I mean, except for the Sav-A-Lot frozen pizza I had for dinner. Anyway…I like watches. Sounds […]

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