So…There Was An Election

So, there was an election a week ago.  I voted in it, I watched the results.  A man won the election without winning the popular vote.  And it doesn’t seem like more than six people in our nation of over 300 million are willing to have a rational conversation about it.  Some folks seem to […]

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Today I…

Today is Florida’s primary election. Today, I voted. I’m white, and live in a conservative Florida suburb, but… Today I didn’t shoot anyone with my guns. Today I didn’t bash any homosexuals. Today I treated black people the same way I treat all people. Today I didn’t push my views of marriage on anyone. Today […]

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It Starts Today

Well, today was the big day.  January 20, Inauguration Day.  The Big O got sworn in — my guy — Barack Obama. Today, I know that most of my Republican co-workers are going to have a radical paradign shift…now, whenever anything bad comes from Washington, it’ll be because of Obama, and whenever anything good happens, […]

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Yes We Did

It’s been a month since my last post.  The big budget bugaboo hasn’t put me out on the street or starved my cat to death or anything.  We’re actually doing better now — the price of gas dropped from $4.29 to $2.11 / gallon.  I filled up the car yesterday for $35…a month ago it […]

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