Work From Home Etiquette

Working in my field (I.T.) these days is wonderful…huge advancements in the way we work have been made.  Example:  Working from home.  Gone are the requirements of the 1950’s workplace:  Getting dressed up, fighting traffic all the way to a building downtown, sitting in a depressing cube under fluorescent lights, only eating or talking to […]

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June Thirteenth, Friday

Working where I work is like wearing Scotch-Brite underwear.  Irritating.  Uncomfortable.  Discourages any real exertion.  The intolerance here is epic.  Salaried professionals can’t set their own schedule because the nanny-police complain to management.  Management listens to the nanny-police, rather than telling them to get back to work.  Folks who talk are reminded of “Cube Etiquette.” […]

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