Two Factor My A$$!

Am I the only one who won’t give out my cellphone number to every website that asks for “two-factor authentication?” I mean, we’re raised from birth being told to never give out our contact information on-line.  In my case, before there was an on-line, we were told not to talk to strangers, and not give […]

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What Not To Post. In Fact…Just Don’t Post.

The internet is a great place.  A free and open forum for the sharing of ideas and expression — a real, in-your-living-room, honest-to-God method for instantaneous communication with anyone on the Earth.  Anywhere.  Anyone.  Instantly. I give you…Twitter.  Facebook.  Also Myspace before that, and LiveJournal (remember them?) and Flickr and Yahoo and Photobucket, Youtube, Google+, […]

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What Good is a Facebook?

I’m at that point, and maybe everyone reaches it at one point, where I have to wonder why exactly I have a Facebook account.  I don’t want to collect a lot of “friends,” I don’t play any of the games, and I hardly ever post anything there.  Further, the posts of my “friends” have devolved […]

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I followed a quasi-challenge over on Facebook this month.  From whenever you received the challenge until Thanksgiving, post something that you are thankful for as your status.  So I did.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I’ve taken screenshots of the accumulated statii (is that a word?) and posted here.  It’s reverse chronological order, but I’m […]

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MBA Residency Facebook Status

Well, I just finished an incredible, week-long experience.  My MBA program kicked off with an intensive one-week residency…and by “intensive” I mean I started and completed three full, 800-level college courses in seven days.  I never never went to bed before 1am, and I never got more than five hours of sleep per night.  A […]

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