Today I…

Today is Florida’s primary election. Today, I voted. I’m white, and live in a conservative Florida suburb, but… Today I didn’t shoot anyone with my guns. Today I didn’t bash any homosexuals. Today I treated black people the same way I treat all people. Today I didn’t push my views of marriage on anyone. Today […]

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Stupid and Aggressive

I’m not sure if I’m going to make it through the next year, here in Florida.  It’s the people…I’m not sure if they’ve always been like this and I just haven’t seen it, or if they’re actually getting worse.  There’s no polite way to say it… …They’re goddamn stupid, and violently, aggressively defensive about their […]

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Oh God…It’s Christmas Again

Oh God…it’s Christmas again.  It seems like yesterday it was September, and now there’s suddenly bright-colored lights on people’s houses, and the annual repulsive Lexus-with-a-red-bow advertisements on TV.  It doesn’t help that in Florida, December looks like September. (looks like February looks like April…) Once again, folks are mercenary and un-festive.  Hasn’t changed from two […]

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Musings On The Season

And so it’s fall in Florida again. October…feels like a Michigan July. It always carries an element of surreality, the “changing” of the “seasons” such as they are in the nation’s hang-down. We had cool teperatures this weekend — lows of 57, and a high in the 70’s. It saw people opening their windows and […]

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It’s Starting

It’s starting — summer in Florida, that is.  Check out that graph…that’s the Nat’l Weather Service’s graph of forecasted temperature and humidity for the next two days.  See that top line, the brown one?  That’s heat index, and it’s above 90 degrees.  It has been for the past several days as well.  It’s the last […]

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So You Want To Move To Florida?

So you want to move from Michigan to Florida?  You’re not alone.  I think more than half of the population of Michigan fantasizes about moving to Florida.  When I was interviewing for the job I accepted in Florida, my co-workers in Michigan – all of them – said some variation of “Ohhhh….Floo-ooorida.  I’d give anything […]

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