Mason-Dixon Fair Food

Another north-south culture clash thing, having grown up in Michigan, and moved to Florida.  What is UP with the fair food down here in the South?! Growing up, you’d go to a fair in the North and be able to eat corn dogs, turkey legs, elephant ears, french fries, fresh-squeezed limeade and funnel cakes. Down […]

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Jogging, And Food

I’ve been thinking about a couple of unrelated topics:  Jogging and Food.  Well, I suppose people relate them to each other, but in unfavorable ways…you know, “jogging is exercise and is good …and food is evil.”  Or maybe people don’t really think that.  It sure seems that way, though. Anyway… So a change I made […]

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Lunchtime Inhumanity

One of the more inhuman little things an employer can to do you:  The half-hour lunch.  Not enough time to actually *do* anything, or go have a nice, relaxing lunch and prepare for the afternoon.  No.  It’s enough time to hurry to whatever cafeteria is on-site, grab food, bolt it down like a dog, and […]

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