Impeach Everyone

So our government ended their big shutdown this week, and I guess I side with the majority of Americans who feel some combination of relief/disgust/resignation/whatever.  Like I should be ecstatic that our Federal Government quick dicking around with the country’s budget and employees, and decided they could go back to doing the barely adequate job […]

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Healthcare Hell

(I commented on a Facebook status and didn’t want to lose it, so I reposted it here) Why is this something that the rest of the world seems to be able to do, but Big Bad America can’t? If this had happened in 1990, my mom might still be alive — instead she watched a […]

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It Starts Today

Well, today was the big day.  January 20, Inauguration Day.  The Big O got sworn in — my guy — Barack Obama. Today, I know that most of my Republican co-workers are going to have a radical paradign shift…now, whenever anything bad comes from Washington, it’ll be because of Obama, and whenever anything good happens, […]

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Partisanship? Really? Now?

I feel like I need to throw up. Our country is facing an economic crisis — disaster, recession, armageddon, collapse, whatever…spin the big wheel of doomsday phrases.  Our country is having a big problem with the economy.  Banks are failing.  When have I ever watched banks fail and be taken over by the government? Never!  […]

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