I Am Such a Math-Tard

I just helped my son with his math.  Yay, what’s more American than Dad helping Son with Homework?  Except, you see, I am functionally ar-tarded at math, and he’s in 8th grade, in honors algebra.  Algebra was my arch-enemy, my nemesis, my Achilles heel.  I barely squeaked a passing grade and promptly forgot it all. […]

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Midnight Writer

As I sit here it is ten minutes after midnight — ten minutes into the first day of fall, 2009.  I should be going to bed, but I find myself awake after finishing my Managerial Accounting homework.  I know that I’m going to pay for this time spent blogging in about six hours when I […]

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Head Down, Bulling Forward

Well, here I am at the end of July and the beginning of my MBA program — the real, honest-to-God, nuts-and-bolts, sitting-in-a-classroom work — is bearing down on me like an ocean liner towering over a canoe.  I last wrote at the start of June… and I have done virtually nothing since then but work […]

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